Home buying Prep



At C. Jones Consulting, we specialize in offering a virtual educational experience, that is personalized for you to help you get Approved for your home the First Time! We give you information that is designed to give you knowledge about the Home Loan Process as it relates to your situation. We cover the following!


In this session we cover information that is tailored to help you verify all income that you claim. We will take a look at your employment status and determine the proper documentation that you will need to provide in order to get approved for your home



We cover the basic credit requirements that will allow you to get approved. We examine any grey areas that can be attended to before speaking with a Loan officer. As this can be a deal breaker for many first time home buyers we ensure that the results from this session are promising! If necessary we can refer you to a Qualified Credit Counselor



In this session we make sure that you have collateral to put towards your home. We set up a budget and Savings plan for you to stick to. We hold you accountable to ensure you achieve your goal. You will be given printable worksheets to correspond to this segment and there will be ongoing coaching training



This segment is optional but highly recommended. This is something that many first time home buyers forget to include in their savings plan. We will cover any reserved funds you will need to have to get into your home comfortably. We will also discuss any potential closing costs, housing expenses , etc that you will be responsible for at closing


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