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Introducing … 


C Jones Consulting

We are a small start-up consulting firm based in Des Moines, Iowa. We are designed with First Time Home Buyers in mind!

We provide the education, tools, and resources to help our clients get Pre-Approved for their first home. We understand that making the biggest financial investment in your life is a tough decision and the process can be hard. But we make it EASY! At the end of your journey with us we can connect you with a real time Loan Officer or Realtor to help you get the process started!

No First Time Home Buyer Left Behind
— C Jones Consulting

Referral Partners

Our mission is to provide warm applicants that will turn into solid closing opportunities . Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients will be at least 99% percent ready to get Pre-Approved. We eliminate the time that you spend on consulting so you can focus on growing your business through closing. Its is a fact that the biggest problem with many prospecting First Time Home Buyers, their biggest problem is the lack of financial education and guidance before actually speaking to a Lender. That is where we help you!


For The Clients

  • Consultation

  • Home Buying Prep Course

  • Referral to a Loan Officer/ Realtor

  • Helpful resources and Tips

For Referral Partners

  • Warm Leads

  • Promising Applicants

  • Less time Consulting More time Closing

  • Educated Home Buyers