Rent is Way too High

Take a Look at this photo!

Today i went scrolling through my Instagram News feed to find the next big blog post… Look what I found

This is a very nice picture, it captures the beauty of

How Ridiculous the cost of Rent actually is.

Now this is located in Houston, Texas. I take it a penthouse style apartment. Anyone would expect a price tag like this for something that look like this! No shade what so ever to the owner of this post but I felt it was necessary to draw attention to a problem.

It is currently a season many realtors and most Loan Officers refer to as a Seller’s market. Which means , property values have gone up and interest rates have gone down. But why in the world is rent rising at an alarming rate like this?

Simple, everyday people are persuaded from the idea of buying a home. My question to those people is quite simple. You would rather give away $22,140 to some random person versus investing that same $22,140 into a property that you own or properties that you could own.

My point is, doing the math from this post, a person who is desperate for the glamour and the looks of this place is also misguided and blind! There are so many options that can help you make the switch from breaking your wallet on rent to actually paying yourself.

My recommendation is simple

  1. Do Your Research— Understand that when you sign your name on a lease agreement you are bound to that Lease, meaning there is no way out of it, unless you break it.

  2. Way the pros and cons of both renting and buying

  3. Think about where and who your money is really going.

I will leave you with this, think about your Pocket!

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