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1.     Who is the Consultant?

a.     Christen Jones is the Senior Consultant and Owner. She is well educated in the Real Estate Lending and Banking industry with over 4 years of experience. She knows the expectations that Loan Officers have for their applicants. For more information please check out Meet The CEO to learn more!

2.     How does the HOME BUYING PREP WORK?

a.     The Home Buying prep is done virtually through either Zoom or Skype so the client can see and hear the material. There will be workbooks provided in the future to go along with the course.

3.     Can I choose which lender I want to work with?

a.     Absolutely, we are a NO PRESSURE business. You may choose to work with any lending institution you wish we just provide the option of having a contact ready to use!

4.     What happens if I do not get approved for my loan after the course?

a.     We have a 99% guarantee of an approval which means that an approval still can vary! The course is designed to get you prepared. So, if there are things you still need to work on please contact me so we can see what areas need an improvement! There are NO REFUNDS!

5.     How Can I become a referral partner?

You must be a licensed Mortgage Loan Officer or Realtor in your state. You may reach out to me for more information

For Any Additional Questions or Concerns please fill out the form on the Contact Page!