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Buying Your First Home?

C Jones Consulting is a First Time Home Buyers safe haven, for providing a No Pressure environment enriched with education and tools to help you for purchasing your first home the right way THE FIRST TIME.

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Our Mission

To serve as a beacon of promise for First Time Home Buyers by helping them to prepare for purchasing their first home without fear of rejection from lenders. Our mission is also to aid our Referral Partners with preserving their time for closing more applicants.

Our Philosophy is simple,


How it Works

At C Jones Consulting, we make break down the process for purchasing your first home. We make sure that you are making the best investment for your future. We also help you do it right the first time! Click the Links below to see how to get started!



This is a Free 30 minute Conversation that will determine your readiness to become a Home Owner. It is personalized to your situation and scheduled on your time.


Home Buying Prep Course

This is Virtual Course with a ONE- ON- ONE Feel, is 3 Sessions jam packed with helpful information tailored to your personal situation. Here we cover the top 3 things you will need to be Approved, THE FIRST TIME!

Coming soon… the Home Buying Prep 101 School online!



This is the Golden Ticket to Starting the Home Loan process! Once you Complete your Home Buying Prep Course you will be provided with a Referral to a Partner Loan Officer and a Realtor to begin your Journey! For any questions about this Please see our F.A.Q page

Referral Partners

As a former Loan officer I understand your business rides on your closed and funded files. So with C Jones Consulting we can help you dedicate more time to closing those deals by providing the consulting service your clients desperately need.

Our Mission is to provide you with warm and ready leads that will have a high conversion rate. My clients will also serve as promising applicants. I also have the ability to work with recent declined applicants to aid them in re-applying for the loan once they are completely ready so you are still able to maintain that relationship with them.

To learn more about the Referral Partner opportunity or if you are interested in becoming a referral partner please click the link below



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— Christen T. Jones





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Tina Jones‎ to Christen Jones

May 10 at 2:46 PM

Had a wonderful consultation with Christen Jones in regards to home buying very educational she is the go-to person to get you on the right path with becoming a homeowner. Going through the proper steps in regards to purchasing your first home is very interesting she will explain everything in detail to where you can understand so reach out to Christen Jones and get that consultation so you will be educated on the steps in regards to purchasing a new home and becoming a new homeowner thanks Christen Taylor Jones


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